Winter Safety Tips for Kids: Playing Safely

Winter Safety Tips for Kids: Playing Safely

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What’s better than a snow day when you’re a kid? Getting a chance to run outside into the snow, throwing a snowball and making snowmen and snow angels before running back inside to have hot chocolate and marshmallows? Nothing, really. Except, of course, staying safe!

Today, we’re looking at a few quick winter safety tips for kids for your next snow day. Remember, having fun is always better when it’s safe!

Proper Attire

If kids are going to be running around in the snow and the cold, it’s important that they wear the right clothes. Jeans alone often aren’t the best way to insulate the legs: consider leggings or tall socks to help keep the warmth in!

Layers are the most important thing when it comes to winter attire. A T-shirt under a light jacket under a snow jacket is a great way to keep the upper body warm, while gloves, a scarf, and a knit hat are a great way to keep the extremities warm.

Finally, make sure your young ones are outfitted with the right footwear. It’s important to keep the toes warm and your footing stable when you’re running and playing in the snow!

Thin Ice

If you live in a region that doesn’t get below freezing often, it’s best to encourage your kids to stay off of frozen lakes and ponds. Even if you live in a very frigid area, thin ice is seriously dangerous. Falling through a patch of thin ice into cold water is potentially deadly, as it can be very difficult to rescue someone in freezing waters.

If your kids are interested in going ice skating, find a frozen body of water or ice skating rink that is approved by local safety authorities. If you’re not sure whether a body of frozen water is safe to skate on, consult your local authorities for their advice on best practices.

Hearty Meals

Playing saps your energy quickly. Make sure your kids get plenty of hearty food before and after they play out in the snow! Cold weather causes your body to burn more calories to stay warm. As such, it’s likely that your young ones will be hungrier than usual after they’re out in the snow.

Remember, most of all, that it’s important to supervise any playtime that brings the kids too far from areas you can see from the house. If they’re going to be outside alone, make sure they know to stay in the yard or the immediate area if you’re familiar with your neighbors. It can be easy to get lost in the snow, even in a familiar area.