Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late – Print Your Own Free Child ID Kit Right Now

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late – Print Your Own Free Child ID Kit Right Now


In an emergency situation, having a child ID kit prepared and ready is extremely useful for officers and rescue personnel. You can print your own, absolutely free which is from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Get Your Free Card

You can download the pdf or print the child ID kit directly from the website. The Child ID Kit is a form that you keep up to date with your child’s information, photo, and fingerprints. It includes a section for their physical characteristics, distinguishing marks or features, medical information, emergency contact information, and their fingerprints.

Getting the Fingerprints

Once you have filled out the form, you’ll need to get your child’s fingerprints. Some local law enforcement offices will be happy to take your child’s fingerprints and put them on your card – which you would then take home with you.

If you prefer, you can order a fingerprint kit through the National Child Identification Program for less than $10.00. They will send you a kit which includes an inkless fingerprint card and inkless applicator, as well as a child id card.

According to the FBI, having your child’s fingerprints is extremely important. The reason is that their fingerprints NEVER change. You would never share them with anyone unless an emergency occurred, such as an abduction or your child becomes missings. Even if they are shared with law enforcement during an emergency, they will not keep them on record without your permission.

If you choose to order one from anyone else, do not under any circumstances send them back your child’s fingerprints or information. If they request that you do so, regardless of their reason, do not. Protecting your child from identity theft is as important as protecting yourself.

Where to Store

Once you have the form filled out and fingerprints completed, you will need to keep it in a safe place that you can access at all times. For this reason, do not put it in a safety deposit box as you may not have access to it when you need it.

Updating the Card

At least once per year, update the card with a current photograph, measurements, weight, and any new identifying marks. You will not need to update the fingerprints as they will never change; however, their physical characteristics will change quickly as they grow.

When my son was growing up, I made a habit to do this every year on his birthday. We made it a fun event by recording his new height on a growth chart and getting his current weight. He loved to see how much he had grown now that he was a full year older and it gave me the perfect opportunity to keep his child safe ID card up to date!