High-Pressure Contractor Tactics That Are Red Flags

High-Pressure Contractor Tactics That Are Red Flags


Signing up for home improvement through a contractor can be stressful. After all, you’re going to have someone in and out of your home, doing work in the place you live. Not to mention, this kind of work is often expensive. How do you know you’re not getting scammed or ripped off?

Let’s take a closer look at some high-pressure tactics that could suggest that the contractor you’re working with is actually scamming you.

“Sign Now for a Discount!”

Disreputable salespeople will use tactics like “fear of missing out” and “hard selling” to get you to sign bad contracts before you have a chance to think things through. In the case of some scams, this manifests as the very high-pressure pitch of “sign the contract today for a big discount! If you wait until tomorrow, it’ll be twice as expensive!”

Never let a contractor pressure you into signing before you’re ready. You want to be able to do your research and check out the company thoroughly before you make any decisions. If a contractor is rushing you, something is wrong with this scenario, and you need to tell them to leave.

High Up-Front Costs

When a contract is heavily front-loaded, this is a bad sign. You never want to pay more than thirty percent for a down-payment on work on your home. Any contractor asking for more than that is doing something wrong. What’s likely happening in these scenarios is that the contractor is falling behind on another job and that they need your money to cover the costs of that task.

This also means that the contractor is less likely to be incentivized to finish the work for you. For one thing, they’re probably swamped with other work anyway. For another, they’ve already gotten plenty of your money, so why should they be in a hurry to finish the job?

The Contractor Comes to You

Door-to-door sales are common, but often contractors soliciting for work are up to no good. Most reputable contractors have more work than they can handle and don’t need to look for clients. The elderly are often targeted by these high-pressure tactics, with contractors saying they’re doing work in the area and can get your deck or siding redone in no time for a fraction of the normal cost. However, in these cases, the so-called contractor often just takes the down payment and runs off, never to be seen again.

Don’t fall for these high-pressure tactics. When you’re getting work done on your home, trust only professionals who know what they’re actually doing and who are licensed and bonded.