Helping Your Child Beat the Lockdown Blues

Helping Your Child Beat the Lockdown Blues


Being a kid and being stuck at home all day away from their friends isn’t exactly easy. It also isn’t easy having your entire world turned upside down and missing out on the last few weeks of schools.

What can you do to help your child cope during this time? Positive parenting is the key, and if you take the following steps, your child will have a much easier time dealing with the entire lockdown situation.

Helping Your Child Handle the Coronavirus Lockdown

It’s a tricky time for parents right now, but if you take the following steps, it can help keep things calm for both you and your children. Communication is key, and it’s very important to support your kids during this time.

Here are our top tips on how to help your children stay healthy and happy in the meantime.

Talk to Your Children About How They Feel

Have you taken a moment to talk to your children about how they feel about everything going on? Sometimes just acknowledging that things are different can make a world of difference.

Let them know that it’s natural to feel worried or scared and reassure them that you’re there for them and willing to listen. Encourage your children to ask questions and try to answer them honestly.

Don’t be dismissive of their worries and talk to them about what might happen if someone becomes ill. This can help them be better prepared for any situation.

Limit Media Exposure, Including the News

Your child might be spending more time on technology lately and that’s okay—but you need to be careful not to let them overdo it. You should be aware that on certain platforms, your child might be exposed to scary or negative news or videos that promote scientifically-unverified information.

Stick with the facts and let your children know that they are safe with you. Be on the lookout for repetitive reassurance-seeking, as this can be a sign of distress in children.

If you notice that your children seem especially distressed, you should contact a mental health professional. While the coronavirus outbreak is going on, there are many teleconsultation options available.

Take Extraordinary Measures If you Must

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Even if it means starting up an entirely new routine to better match what your child is used to, this can help your children a great deal. If they are no longer in school, but really loved that kind of atmosphere, try to keep your kids on that same daily schedule.

Wake them up at their usual time and encourage them to take a shower and “get ready” for school. Provide learning opportunities complete with lunchtime and breaks. Sometimes that’s all it takes to help a child feel reassured when everything around them has been changing.

It can also help to add new things to your child’s routines, such as encouraging them to start a new hobby. Add educational opportunities and activities to help keep your child engaged. You’d be surprised at how a little distraction can help anxious little minds.