Education Scams: Plagiarism and Homework Sites

Education Scams: Plagiarism and Homework Sites


If you’ve attended a school in recent years, you know how big the anti-plagiarism push is. For today’s kids, the pressure to do their own work is huge. The hyper-competitive world of academia is always pushing kids to do their absolute best, and many would-be scholars crumble under the pressure, giving in to the temptation to use scam sites that offer homework and essay writing for a fee.

Let’s be clear: while these sites are in a legal gray area, they’re morally wrong and they could result in a student getting expelled from school altogether. Universities and other schools take plagiarism very seriously and crack down–hard–when they find out that a student didn’t create the work they’re trying to pass off as their own. Read on to find out everything you need to know about these education scams.

Essay Writing Services

Essay writing services have become highly popular among high school and college students. Keeping up in the fast-paced world of academia can be a struggle for many, so they can often turn to these unscrupulous resources to complete their work for them. Often, these sites will make an attempt to match a student’s writing style. However, teachers and professors aren’t fools; they’ll usually figure out that a student is trying to pass off work that isn’t their own.

Often, what ends up happening with these services is that a student pays an exorbitant fee for someone to write a so-so essay for them, only for their professor to immediately recognize it as someone else’s words. This, in turn, leads to academic disciplinary action, with the student getting expelled. This isn’t even the worst-case scenario, either.

Worst-Case Scenarios

The sites that offer to do a student’s work for them are, by definition, shady. They operate in a legal gray area, technically not illegal but extremely unscrupulous, and against the rules of every school district and university in the world. By operating in this field, any site that offers these services is also indicating that it has no problem acting in amoral ways.

This means that they are also often fronts for scams, using their site as a chance to harvest student information. Some of these sites have been known to blackmail students, threatening to out them as plagiarizers unless they keep using the service, or simply extort money from the students. In short, students should steer clear of these dubious “services,” and parents should encourage their kids to simply do their own work.