Amusement Park Safety and Precautions

Amusement Park Safety for Kids

Summertime is all about having fun while the kids are out of school. One of the most popular spots to have fun and give your kids a treat during their time off for summer are amusement parks. Keep it fun, and safe for the whole family with these amusement park safety tips!

Height and Weight

No matter what – NEVER ignore the height and weight rules. Sneaking your child in or trying to talk your way passed the person in charge to let them ride anyway can end in tragedy for everyone on the ride. The rules are in place solely for safety purposes and a ride that only lasts a few minutes is never worth the risk – no matter how much your child wants to get on the ride.

Don’t Force Them

Even if you think a ride is perfectly safe for your child and even if you think they’ll love it once they get on and experience something you think they want – do not force them. All people, especially children have the tendency to do unexpected things when they are faced with fear.

Ride operators have observed numerous injuries caused by children trying to get off of rides or by moving erratically during the ride due to fear. If your child does not want to ride, do not make them!

Meeting Place

Keeping an eye on your children in a crowded place is a no-brainer; however, the fact is, there is a possibility they could become separated at a busy amusement park. Establish a meeting place for children old enough to navigate their own way and let younger children know the safe people to go to in the event they get lost.

Point out park employees and security guard uniforms upon your arrival and let them know they can find them. They are always at the start of each ride line – the information desks or walking around the park. Instruct them to go to these individuals if they are separated from you to ensure you can be contacted.

For very small children that may not be able to communicate your name or how to contact you – be sure they have some identifying on them that help can find in the event they become separated. Check out our article on What to Do if Your Child Disappears in Public for more advice on what your first steps should be!

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