5 Tips to Survive the Summer With Your Kids During the Covid-19 Outbreak

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If you thought homeschooling your kids was tough during the coronavirus pandemic, just imagine what this summer might be like. You might have expected a little relief, with summer camps just around the corner—however, many of them have already canceled their programs and for good reason.

So, now what? How can you keep your children entertained and happy over the Summer if you’re still stuck at home?

How to Survive a Covid-19 Summer With Your Children

If you’d like to keep your children occupied and keep yourself sane over this Summer, consider the following five tips:

Keeping a Routine is Important

One thing that can cause a child to misbehave more than anything is not having a routine. You can involve your kids in the process of creating a routine, and this can help them be more receptive to the idea.

Don’t just focus on things like chores, meals, and bedtime. You should also add a little fun to their schedule so they have something to look forward to.

Try to Limit Screen Time

Since kids are spending more time at home, this means they’ve been spending more time in front of screens as well. While this can be understandable, you should also try to motivate them to try other activities to fill their time.

This may mean you trying to limit your own screen time as well. Talk about a win-win situation! Involve yourself with your children and add things like a family game night, working on puzzles together, and similar fun activities to your schedule.

Reward Positive Behavior

This time is tough on your children as well, and they’re likely to act out as a result. During this time, you should focus more on rewarding positive behavior, instead of negative behavior.

Understand that children need and crave attention. Let them know you’re proud of them, and motivate them by rewarding them with a small prize or extra screen time when you notice that they’re trying.

Add Academic Time

With schools getting shut down early this year, your children may need an academic boost to help give them a head start for when school is allowed to open again. You can do this by signing up for academic programs online, purchasing a book with lessons for the next year, or by taking your children out for fun educational excursions.

Get Help if You Need It

Look, you’re only human. It’s okay not to be perfect, and it won’t hurt for your children to understand this. It’s okay to take time for yourself to protect both your physical and emotional health.

If you need help, don’t be afraid to seek either professional help, or reach out to your most trusted friends and family. Staying connected during this time can help in more ways than you might realize.

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