2 Kids Found Safe After Mother’s Meth Bender

missing kids
Lawrence Co. Sheriff's Office

Earlier this week, Indiana law enforcement began a desperate search for 4-year-old Steven and 6-year-old Summer, siblings who disappeared after their mother went on an apparent meth trip gone very, very wrong.

Concerning 911 Call

On June 29, deputies received a call from a distressed woman named Amanda Brock. She claimed to be lost and unable to drive because, according to the affidavit, “trees have legs.”

Obviously, this statement caused some concern. Brock ranted about people jumping out at her vehicle. She told officers that ghosts were trying to get at her kids, too. Brock claimed to be lost after her GPS failed and had no idea where she was–only that people (possibly wearing costumes) were blocking her path and scaring her children.

Eventually, police were able to locate her vehicle, which was stopped in the wrong lane on a busy road. They found her in the driver’s seat. What they didn’t find were the children that Brock said were in the car.

Drugs and Hallucinations

Capt. Troy Lobosky was the officer on the scene. He recalls “I asked where they were at, and she said: ‘they should be in there, did my kids get out of the car? Did you take my kids out?’” he said. “I asked what she had been taking and she said she hadn’t been taking anything.”

Brock insisted she was sober–and had been for two years–yet her behavior suggested that she was under the influence of something. Capt. Lobosky tried to get Brock to focus on where her children might be. When he finally took her into custody, it turned out that she had a baggie of crystal meth in her purse. While she was in custody, someone texted her about buying Adderall as well, so things did not look good for Amanda Brock.

Where Were Steven and Summer?

However, no matter how messed up their mother might be, the children were the priority. Capt. Lobosky asked Brock to try to remember the last time she’d seen her kids. She thought they might be with her mother, but when law enforcement was finally able to reach the woman, she had no idea where her grandchildren might be.

At that point, Lobosky escalated the search. “We posted a public request on social media with their picture and waited for responses while additional day shift officers went back to the general location where she had been located and to the area … to search for the children. A call was made to the DCS Hotline and made a report into the missing kids as a result of the mother’s actions.”

Thankfully, they were able to locate the children. Brock, meanwhile, was arrested on multiple charges. It’s not exactly a fairy tale ending to the story, but at least the kids were found safe.

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